Sri Sangeeth Academy Courses

Sri Sangeeth Academy is open from 6:00 p.m to 8:00 pm in the evening (Monday to Saturday) and from 10:00 am to 12.00 pm in the morning (only on Sunday). Candidates can choose any time that is convenient to them. Knowledge of music is not a pre-requisite.

The school conducts an annual concert for its students to display their skill. They are also presented with a certificate at the concert.

Keyboard and Guitar

First Level :

Introduction to Music.

Starting with basic lessons with Preliminary Music books.

Preliminary book in Western Notation

[This module designed keeping in mind, the young enthusiastic aspiring musicians in the age group of 5 – 10. This level will cover a few basic lessons which are easy to access for the little ones. At the end of this level (25 lessons) the children will have a fair idea of musical notes and know how to read them in keyboard and Guitar].

Second Level :

Next level basic book in Western Notations

Trinity Grade Lessons (Initial and First Grade)

Teaching Simple songs (cine & devotional)

SSA Material – Level 1

[Basic fingering exercises/Basic Chords in root position]

Third Level :

Continuing with next Trinity grade level (2rd grade & 3 grade)

SSA Material – Level 2 & Level 3

[Next level fingering exercises / Chords inversions / Carnatic notes introduction]

Teaching general Songs (Cine & devotional).

Fourth Level :

Continuing with Trinity Grades (4th Grade)

SSA Material – Level 4

[Next level fingering exercises / Chords exercise in Major and Minor / Carnatic lesson Exercises]

Chapters in Music Theory.

Fifth Level :

Continuing with Trinity Grades (5th Grade)

SSA Material – Level 5

[Fingering exercises in other ragas / Carnatic lesson Exercises / Basic Chord progressions in Major and Minor scales / Intervals / Exercises in 7th & minor 7th chords / Teaching other ragas]

Chapters in Music Theory.

Training given in hearing knowledge.

Stage performance techniques.

Sixth Level :

Continuing with Trinity Grades (6th Grade)

SSA Material – Level 6

[Advanced fingering exercises / Chord Building techniques / Chord progression in other ragas / Geethams / Exercises in Major 7th – 6th minor 6th & 4th Diminished Augmented Half Diminished and all added chords]

Chapters in Music Theory.

Next level training in hearing knowledge.

Ornamental techniques for stage performance

Seventh Level :

Continuing with Trinity Grades (7th & 8th Grade)

Continuing the materials with next level.

SSA Material – Level 7

[Advanced Chord progression in ragas / Composing melodies and Chords in different Ragas / Varnams]

Chapters in Music Theory.

Advanced level training in hearing knowledge.

Training given to take music notes of their own.

The exercises other than Trinity grade syllabus were written by Suresh in April 2005 when he set up the Sri Sangeeth Academy Music school and the main motto is to prepare the students for stage performance in a short period. These levels are designed for people who want to do just more than learning the basics.It has proved to be a time tested method now for the students.

Voice Training for Stage Light Music Singing

Basic Level

Advance Level