Sri Sangeeth Academy Profile

Sri Sangeeth Academy, A School of Music for Keyboard & Guitar trains students in Western (Trinity College of London Syllabus), Carnatic and Stage Singing. This school was started by Mr. Suresh in 2005 and has been conducting regular classes for School Children, College Students & Working Professionals etc. He has trained many students and made them to perform on stage for various occasions. Mrs. Janavi Suresh (Organiser) is taking care of the administrative part of the Institution

Sri Sangeeth Academy holds annual concerts regularly to exhibit the talents of its students. They perform popular entertaining film songs by Instrumental & Vocal apart from compositions of famous music directors. They make music from just about anything and everything.

Mr.Suresh (Senior Music Trainer) is an excellent Guitarist, Key Board player and also Voice Trainer. He is in the line of training students for past 12 years for Trinity College of London Grade exams and he is well versed in training students for stage performance. He has performed more than 3000 stage shows having an experience of 30 years in the Music Field. Among his credits he has played for many leading groups in Chennai and also performed shows abroad. He has also presided as a Judge for many Inter School Music Competitions.

Mr.Suresh is also well versed in training students for stage performance (Keyboard and Guitar and Singing). His artistic and scientific approach in training students reinforce the reputation of Sri Sangeeth Academy as one of the top music schools of its kind.

Isai Thulirgal Profile

Isai Thulirgal (Something Special) – A cine light Music Orchestra performed by professional singers and musicians featuring young vocalists singing in a professional way. Isai thulirgal also performs instrumental shows by professional musicians. “Isai Thulirgal” was started to exhibit the musical talents of the younger generation

Isai Thulirgal has given more than 200 stage performances both within and outside the state to its credit. The unique combination of Sri Sangeeth Academy and Isai Thulirgal provides the younger generation an opportunity to make their musical dreams come true.